Our Pledge Drive during this year is particularly important. We are reestablishing our foundation — reflecting our core values, affirming our support personally and financially for our spiritual community, religious education, social justice, and the many ways that we journey together. It’s also important because we are preparing the way for calling a new settled minister, and we want to put our best collective self forward. We’ve set a challenging goal for this Pledge Drive, asking for increased generosity from all our members. A very generous donor has promised to match every increase dollar for dollar.

Many volunteers, which we call “Stewards,” are having conversations with fellow members about their experience in our community and their hopes for the future. They are also inviting them to make their pledge of financial support. You are most welcome to make your pledge here, and if a Steward should contact you, please thank them for their work for all of us, and feel free to share your own thoughts and feelings.

In faith,

John Solberg and Paul Suwijn, Thrive Team Co-chairs
Sue Ames
John Farrell
Cynthia Looney
Louise Paulsen

How to complete Your Pledge

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