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Unsure of how to begin giving?

The Path to 5%

While giving occasionally or regularly to First Unitarian feels good and helps your church, we invite you to make your giving intentional as a percentage of your income. This is a guideline, not a hard and fast rule. For many congregants, the goal of 5-10% of their budget is aspirational: a goal to achieve over several years. Most people start at 1-2% and increase over time. The amount of a gift is best determined by the donor’s capacity and the role that the church plays in their life.  While you are thinking about giving and the church, consider listing First Unitarian as a beneficiary as you plan life insurance or your will.

How to calculate 5%? 

If you have recently completed your income tax returns, you can multiply your adjusted gross income by 10%, then give half to First Unitarian.  

Or if you have unusual expenses, you can take your post-tax income including investments:

  • Subtract medical/student/credit card debt, expenses related to care of a parent or adult child, and any other extraordinary expenses.
  • Multiply the result by 10% and give half of that amount to First Unitarian