Wellspring is a spiritual deepening program that originated in our church and has been seeded in congregations across the US and Canada. It is a program that explores how the foundations of our faith support us throughout our life. It offers an opportunity to connect deeply to your UU values and suggests techniques to ground your social action in spiritual practice. It provides a group of supportive seekers to share in your journey. Considering the difficult challenges surrounding us, this may be the perfect time to participate. Sessions begin in October and are held every other Tuesday evening through June 2022.

Contact: Rev. Tina Simsonto sign up. Space is limited.

This program is open to people who have completed UU Wellspring Sources. It is designed to expand participant’s understanding of the seven Unitarian Universalist principles and their meaning in our lives. It explores the connection between the principles and powerful life questions, including human nature, forgiveness, accountability, and our relationship to the planet. It calls us to action based on our deeply held UU beliefs. Sessions begin in October and are held every other Thursday evening through June 2022.

Contact Rev. Tina Simson to sign up. Space is limited.

In January, we’ll also offer Wellspring Spiritual Ancestors, more info to follow.