Spiritual Development

It’s about…Becoming!

Welcome to First Unitarian Church’s Adult Spiritual Development program!  Small groups offer you the chance to listen to your deepest self by engaging life’s big questions and by being open to the gifts of the world through the words and experiences of others.

In this context of shared relationships, we experience growth.  That’s the gift of these small groups.  None of us can nurture others if we’re not spiritually fed ourselves.  Here’s where small groups help hold it all together; they anchor us, allowing us to go out and serve from a stronger and more centered place.

Being in a small group gives us a sense of home in our big church where one could easily get lost in the crowd.  Many of us have a need for a group of trusted friends to be with us on our spiritual journey.  Now is the perfect time to join!

Check out the variety of groups we offer.  If you have any questions or want to talk about what group might be best for you, contact Rev. Tina Simson.  You can also contact the facilitators directly to ask any questions you have or learn more about the group you are hoping to join; phone numbers/email addresses are under the program’s heading.

If you have an idea for a new small group or feel the calling to lead a group or a class contact Rev. Tina Simson.

On behalf of all of the leaders and facilitators who make these groups happen, we can’t wait to welcome you on this journey.