Building & Grounds

It’s about…Wowing and Welcoming!
Recognition of First Unitarian Church by the National Historic Register is a significant achievement for our church and congregation.  We are listed as nationally significant, the highest level of significance within the National Historic Register designation.

Our mission is to establish a Building & Grounds Ministry that:

  • Maintains and enhances the building & grounds as we serve the needs of the other ministries of our congregation.
  • Protects the architectural integrity of Louis Kahn’s design & vision.
  • Strives to be environmentally sensitive and responsible.
  • Maintains and develops a garden that supports the wider spiritual/ministry goals of our congregation and shares natural and artistic beauty with our neighboring community.
  • Strives to make our building and grounds safe and physically accessible to all.
  • Seeks appropriate Congregational input when prioritizing major maintenance & new projects.
  • Strives to perform maintenance projects so that they are cost effective by reducing the annual cost of operations & maintenance.


Ursula Staneff, Director of Finance and Operations | email