The Gilbert Spirit Fund was created to honor the 32 years of service of Rev. Richard and Joyce Gilbert to our church and community.

Rev. Richard Gilbert served as Parish Minister of the First Unitarian Church from 1970 to 2002, and Joyce Gilbert, his wife, was very active in the church, especially in the field of music. Both of the Gilberts were deeply involved in the betterment of society beyond the walls of the First Unitarian Church.

The Gilbert Spirit Fund will lend support to programs/projects that reflect the special interests of Richard and/or Joyce Gilbert, giving preference to fresh ventures and new initiatives with existing endeavors. The funded programs/projects will:

  • Contribute to social or economic justice; or
  • Promote art and music as integral parts of a responsible search for meaning in life; or
  • Build or revitalize partnerships that support the goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all.

Groups receiving funds must be nonpartisan and not-for-profit. Preference may be given to programs/projects that involve the interest and support of a significant number of congregants of the First Unitarian Church.

The goals of the funded programs/projects must be specific, measurable, achievable, and congruent with the interests, commitments, and vision of Joyce and/or Richard Gilbert and with Unitarian Universalist values.

Each organization receiving funding is asked to complete an evaluation report and forward it to the Gilbert Spirit Fund Awards Panel no later than eleven months after receiving funding. If the program/project is not completed within eleven months, an interim report is expected no later than eleven months after receiving funding with the final report due when the program/project is concluded.

Grant recipients are asked to announce receipt of the grant or implementation of the funded program/project through their internal publications as well as appropriate news media. These announcements should indicate prominently the Gilbert Spirit Fund’s participation in providing the funding. Copies of the announcements should be included with the evaluation report documenting completion of the program/project.

The fund was chartered in December 2001 and made its first awards in June 2002.

Recipients need to submit an evaluation report by Feb 1 of the year after funding received using the form. We will post the new application form by the October prior to the Feb 1 deadline.