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Most content on this site is © First Unitarian Church of Rochester NY. We generally don’t mind if you make noncommercial use of it – especially if you’re another UU church – but we’d appreciate credit where due. (And it’s always appropriate to ask, especially if you’re not sure about something.)

For some content, however, there are special considerations. Please read the following carefully:

  • Rights to sermons are retained by the individuals who preached them, and permission to reuse should definitely be sought in advance.
  • “Readings” are often taken from copyrighted works. We reproduce them here, in the spirit of fair use, because the associated sermons sometimes refer to them or were inspired by them. Please do not assume these excerpts are in the public domain.
  • Images of works by particular artists are identified as such (often in the mouseover “title” text) and are © the original artist.
  • Any other material with special rights considerations will be so noted on the page(s) in question.