Email Announcements & Alerts

Our email announcement lists help you keep on top of First Unitarian’s many exciting events and periodic late-breaking church news. The various lists are detailed below; each list is different not only in content but also in frequency. Some ministry leaders send out announcements weekly, others communicate less often, but all respect recipients’ need not to be inundated with emails. (These are all annnouncement-only lists, to which only authorized email accounts can send.) Instructions on subscribing and unsubscribing are found below.

Email Announcement Lists

To sign up, just select the “subscribe” link below the description of the list that you are interested in joining; to leave a list select the appropriate “unsubscribe” link. In either case a properly-addressed email message should open; click “send” to make your request. A confirmation email will be sent to you; respond to this to validate your subscription. This is an automated system; the address that is subscribed will be the address from which you send the request.

Social Justice Alerts and Opportunities
Sign up to receive late breaking social justice news and announcements about upcoming social justice activities.
Owner:  John Keevert
Emails are sent as needed.
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Music and Arts Events and Opportunities
Sign up to receive notices of upcoming music and arts events and opportunities at our church.
Owner:  Thom Snell
Emails are sent as needed by our Music and Arts Groups.
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Keeping Each Other in Our Thoughts & Prayers
Sign up to receive a summary of each Sunday’s Joys and Sorrows, as well as any major pastoral care needs our members would like you to know about. Privacy is respected. All sharing is authorized and requested by the member who is in need.
Owner:  Rev. Tina Simson
Emails are sent as needed/requested.
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Links not working ?

If the “subscribe | unsubscribe” links didn’t work for you, here are manual instructions that may help. Please at least look them over; if you’re still stuck, send an email to describing what you want and we’ll try to help out.

To subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, one of our alert lists you need to send email from the address you want to subscribe or unsubscribe. The subject of the email should be “subscribe” or “unsubscribe” (without the quotation marks!) depending on which you want. The body of the note is immaterial (nobody will read it) and it should be sent to the appropriate address below; copy and paste it into the address (To:) field of your mail client, webmail form, or what-have-you:

  • Social Justice Alerts:
  • Music and Arts:
  • Keeping each other in our Thoughts & Prayers:

You will receive a confirmation email to which you must respond to complete your subscription request.