Getting Started Groups


UU101: Introducing First Unitarian

New to First Unitarian? Interested in getting more involved? UU101 answers your questions and more. This one-time session provides a brief overview of UU beliefs and church activities – a great way to find “your place” at First Unitarian. Childcare provided. No fee, no pre-registration necessary.


Starting Point: An Introduction To The UU Journey

Unitarian Universalism is a distinctive faith tradition. It invites people into a different way of being in the world rather than trying to convince people to “think rightly” about the world. But what is that “different way of being?” That’s exactly what Starting Point is designed to answer. So if you are a new member or have just discovered First Unitarian, this class is for you! Not only will it help you decide if UUism is right for you, but it will also help you become more connected to other members and find your place here at First Unitarian.

UU201: Step To Membership

Interested in becoming a member? Wondering how you decide if you are ready for the Step to Membership or what “joining” involves? UU201 offers the information you need to discern whether you are ready to make the commitment of membership.